My Son My King


My son is King
I love him in all things
God bless a soul so sweet
To me given a son so discreet

His life is destined
To walk in Godly clandestine
My son in my womb
Blessed and not doomed

My King my son
Loved from dawn
till sun sets everyday
momma's prayer will surely pay!

friday favorite things | finding joy
i wrote this poem for my son who was renamed to King! A son whom I love & cherish everyday and pray his life will be blessed immensely to fulfill GOD's will only. Thank you Jehovah for the fruit of the womb! Amen. A poem written on 17/1/13.


Ugochi said...

Great poem Mag, praise God for such great gifts God gives to us! He will love you for this someday!
Thanks for coming by Teshuva, have a super blessed day!

jeyanthi said...

hi mag. a lovely poem, a name that reflects him in many ways...God Bless!

Anonymous said...

nice post thank you for sharing...blessings

Pamela said...

So special. My daughter had to marry for me to get a son.