Paradise Time

Sri Lanka ~ Paradise Excursion

Ayubowan.....This happened to be my first trip abroad by air. Hmmm..was i excited and had butterfly playing tunes in my stomach. My uni-mate Susan and i landed safely and were chauffered around historic and exotic places for 5 days.
We managed to capture memories and bought back various souvenirs and clothing materials. The five wonderful days were at Negombo, Candy, Sigiriya, Colombo and Pollanaruwa. Mostly, our tour was complete with a visit to the 5th century "The summer and winter palaces on a rock".
As this being our first visit abroad, we were max thrilled and vowed to take other trips in years to come.

Me, myself and....

Born in a blessed land called Malaysia 35 years ago to my sweet and diligent parents.
I first come to senses to know that my dad was a soldier and his better half a homemaker.
My dad married mom (originally from India) 3 years before i was born.

Well it took 3 good years before i popped into this world as my dad been posted to study cum work in UK and to several other places with camps. My mom being the new bride then was forced to labor at home front. Hmmm...anyhow, i grew up steady and most of the time being with neighborhood buddies in army camps. Though, at the tender age of 10, i am able to vividly capture certain good times. We played hide and seek, hula loops etc. But none i played with my good siblings as they were still very young.