Standing on the promises....

  1. Standing on the promises of Christ my King,
    Through eternal ages let His praises ring,
    Glory in the highest, I will shout and sing,
    Standing on the promises of God.
    • Refrain:
      Standing, standing,
      Standing on the promises of God my Savior;
      Standing, standing,
      I’m standing on the promises of God.
  2. Standing on the promises that cannot fail,
    When the howling storms of doubt and fear assail,
    By the living Word of God I shall prevail,
    Standing on the promises of God.
  3. Standing on the promises I now can see
    Perfect, present cleansing in the blood for me;
    Standing in the liberty where Christ makes free,
    Standing on the promises of God.
  4. Standing on the promises of Christ the Lord,
    Bound to Him eternally by love’s strong cord,
    Overcoming daily with the Spirit’s sword,
    Standing on the promises of God.
  5. Standing on the promises I cannot fall,
    List’ning every moment to the Spirit’s call,
    Resting in my Savior as my all in all,
    Standing on the promises of God.

sing along and be blessed!

'The Virtuous Women'

My days are occupied since my hubby is back in town. I am happily serving God and enjoying my work as a help mate to my husband. Also, am enjoying a few tasks handed over by my church to be completed before opening of our 4th branch church in Bangsar, which will be called "Bethesda Prayer House"on 12/11/11. All of us are excited couple with end of the year revival programme which will tentatively start from 1/11 till 6/11 and the most awaited for event a women's conference on 11/11/11.
Wow, we are shining with God's powerful light and winning souls for the Kingdom. God have been blessing us with wonderful new members for the churches each week and nourishing us with strong prophetic prayers throughout the month. Thank you Jesus for making us special in your eyes!

My Soul Mate

Father, you have been so good to me. I went through tribulations and many questions ran through my head, but you have given me internal strength..that is to trust and believe you are ABLE. Thank you my Father, for being my confidante for life. Now, i know my Father loves me. Now i know, He cares. I surrender my whole self to HIM who is seated on the right hand of Most High in Heaven. Nothing more can shudder my thoughts or heart anymore, because He knows my needs and desires. He will accomplish all things good for me,my husband,families and friends.My Father is my soul mate, now i know! Amen.


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Beholding Glory

Thank you God!

Thank you My Lord.
All things created for us to give GOD the glory.
I would like to thank GOD for
  • excellent health,
  • favour financially
  • love among family and friends
  • trust to grow among loved ones
  • to be uplifted in GOD's presence

"O Lord, you are my God,
I will exalt you and praise your name,
for in perfect faithfulness
you have done marvelous things,
things planned long ago." (Isa. 25:1)


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