Thai Galore!

back of 'sleeping buddha' temple
side of temple

'sleeping buddha'
'good luck birds'
buddha temple

Grand Palace

inner buildings of the palace

palace entrance
waiting for lunch
my lunch egg noodles with coconut shake
the famous khaosan road
with police
night hawkers

joe a tuk tuk driver??!!
mirror at massage parlour
dreadlocks at khoasan road
vespa scooter
dinner at Nefertiti Restaurant, Sukhumvit Soi 3.
naan bread, curried rice, hommus, dhal, mixed pickles etc

tuk-tuk ride

railway station
waiting for American breakfast (2 fried eggs,tea, toasted bread with butter n jam minus ham)
hair braiding
pad thai and spring rolls
walking street
sawasdee bangkok inn

sweet mix ice

LCCT Airport, Sepang

We left LCCT in Sepang to Suwarnahbumi International Airport in Bangkok at noon. After checking out, we hired a cab to our destination at Khaosan Road which was about 30 minutes drive.
Khaosan road was a busy and happening street in Bangkok. We checked in at Sawasdee Bangkok Inn, which costs about 650 Baht. It wasn't a very clean room and we checked out the next day at 3 am as the bed bugs were worrying me alot.

Immeaditately, we got another room opposite called Khaosan Inn,which costs 800 Baht (thai currency). That was a clean and acceptable place to lodge as we were exhausted to look around for any other decent rooms.

It was raining for 2 evenings, so we just relaxed in the room watching some movies, but at night, Khoason Road was very lively.
Peddlers and night hawkers selling sandals, t shirts, pad thai (local fried noodles), spring rolls, fruits etc were making their living well among the tourists.

We bought some good things back home for family and friends and we enjoyed Bangkok very much this time around too.