Kingdom of Wonders

PP Intl Airport
Half of drawing at the departure hall
Another half

Bidding farewell to Paris,Julee and us
With Uche,Julee,me and Paris
The temple in PP
Garlic cheese bread
Fried noodles for me

Beef noodle and iced coffee for joe
Tuk-tuk ride during rainy time
Sis stella
Common hammock
denotes Khmer New Year
playing darts
sweet delicacy
fruit stall

muslim food
Mr haji n wife


village house

blue door
blue boats

olympic stadium, PP

muslim achictecture
fast food restaurant in kirivong

women to work
horse cart

vegetables in local market

meat market

julee enjoying steamboat
fried noodles with fried potatoes n eggs

This happens to be my second visit to Cambodia. I landed in Phnom Penh Intl Airport via Air Asia.
The evening air was pretty hot and i was perspiring away while waiting for my husband to fetch me at the airport.
Alas, he came by and i realized how much i missed him for the last one month. Hmmm..
He looked very fit and slim due to strenuous football training in Takeo province, about couple of hours drive from the capital city.
As i arrived, we checked in a clean and simple countryside guesthouse. Afterthat, i met up with cousin Julee and friends.
We had a nice dinner of fried yellow noodles and steamboat with soft drinks.
The next day my husband, Julee and I took a bike ride to the market in the small town of kirivong.
It was an interesting place bursting with busy peddlars and hawkers speaking their local Khmer language.
Life is quiet in little Takeo province and peaceful especially during a three day Khmer New Year.
We also went to Phnom Penh for a soccer match by a chartered bus.
All went well and happy moments were not spared till I have to bid farewell again.

Bon Voyage...