Amazing Golden Land aka Myanmar

air hostess MAI.
Biz class
huge mural at departure hall
sweet memories
beautiful mural
at departure hall, Yangon Intl Airport

myanmar made jeep
young fans
wood carving of Padaung tribal woman
in the lift
fried vermicelli (vege) for lunch with iced coffee and fresh watermelon juice for joe
mutton stew and steamed rice for joe and fried rice (vege) and corn soup at dinner

myanmar baby
spaghetti with strawberry yoghurt shake and iced tea
lotus at the tip of pagoda with pink ruby and thousands of gems.
infront of sitting Buddha
hotel Yangon
traditional instrument

tribe kitchen
water pots

shan tribe house
chin tribe house

white elephant
tribal houses in Myanmar

Magway football club player Sam n me
joe in longyi
betel leave
trying meat
phone booth
sidewalk drinking water tap
myanmar boy
train traffic light
police truck
fire engine

monks in jeep

buddha feet

coconut n unripe bananas for offerings
tap water for drinking purposes

jade marble pillars

more drinking water
downwards stairway
stairways leading to the pagoda
fans for offering
under bodhi tree

pagoda ground
buddha image
bodhi tree
teak wood carvings

temple bell

gold leaf plated pagoda

lotus bud bejewelled with rubies n other stones

at Shwedagon Pagoda

delta united fans
fuel station
fried vermicelli (vege)
strawberry yoghurt, seafood fried rice with spicy fried crab
in front of Hotel Yangon

our football friends
kingsley (L) and omile (R) from southern myanmar football team
at 12th floor of the hotel
3rd day lunch, had fried rice and coffee ice, chicken rice for joe
phone booth near bus stop

tailors at scott market
myanmar girl
novice num
material stacks
water pot at market
means of transportation
unique carvings

ceiling in lobby of Hotel Yuzana

a shot in the room
2nd day lunch, spicy fried tofu
spicy fried crab at lunch
bogyoke aung san market
vege snacks
colourful sequins
around the market
a common sight
white flowers
home made jeep
selling sweet snacks at scott market
fruits seller
a section of market
Anglican church

lobby area


from cab view
old walls
breakfast in hotel
0700 am 2nd day from hotel room
Hotel Yangon sideview
Service apartments at Yangon Hotel
Burmese girl
spicy fried crab
watercress with mushroom, steamed rice n coffee for dinner
fried food
selling mini samosas n spring rolls
Beef satay
Street at 8 mile junction
Men in longyi
Tuwunna Stadium, Yangon
Stadium Steps
Chinese Rice (Vege)
Okkthar United player Peter with Joe (right)
Joe trying seafood fried rice at lunch.
before take off from KLIA
Yangon Intl Airport

My husband Joe and I arrived at Yangon International Airport at 1310pm and hired a cab to Yangon Hotel (*****) which was about 10 minutes drive from the airport.
The weather was warm in the afternoon and rainy towards evening.
The meals were less spicier than Thai food but tasty.
The people were nice and obliging. And we had a good 10 days stay, visiting Tuwunna stadium, Shwedagaon Pagoda, Scott Market @ Bogyoke Aung San Market, Tribal houses of Myanmar etc.

See photos from the trip: