Heavenly 2008

The time of the year has come again.
The countdown ....

My heart and I will be traveling to Africa soonest.
Am dearly gonna miss my family and dear ones whom are close and cares for us.
Nevertheless, i have a somewhat mixed feeling as the journey will be very,very long and to a whole new continent, time zone and community.

Lets pray that the coming year will be fruitful and blessed in various ways and we want to see more smiles.

HAPPY 2008..

Paradise Wonders or Killing Plot

The sunset at Bakheng Hill, was once hindu Lord Siva temple

Each hand carved stones

the four faced at Bayon Temple

from left Jasmine, Susan, me and Kunes

The Lake Tonle Sap 'attap' houses

River Church

Girl rowing in a basin

Roots sprouted at the Temple

One of the beds used for torturing high ranking personnels in Tuol Seng

Orchids sold at the Old Market, Phnom Penh

Skulls dug and displayed in a monement erected at Cheung Ek Genocidal Centre

Royal palace at the Kingdom
Royal Palace

Statue of Lord Buddha resting under Ashoka tree

Can u see me?
Reflections of the old monastery

The four of us landed safely in Cambodia. My uni mates Susan, Kunes, Jasmine and myself were excited about this trip, because we are visiting one of the wonders of the world i.e. Angkor Wat in Siem Reap and the all so famous Pol Pot regime where more than 2 million children, women and men were ruthlessly murdered and dumped at 343 killing fields.

The tour started with visit to reknown ancient temples built circa. 11th Century by King Jayavarman 1 from India. The temples called Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Bayon, Leper King Temple depicts the Hindu civilization and Buddhists influences.

The boat ride along Tonle Sap was an eye-opener for us as we witnessed some of the living conditions of Khmer children and fishermen.

But, the most tragic happenings known to the world is the Khmer Rouge or Pol Pot regime from the year 1975-1979. Millions of human were cruelly killed and some buried alive in more than 300 mass graves by S21. The visit to Tuol Seng genocide museum gave a chill as some pictures and drawings of khmer men, children, women and foreigners were tortured and left to die at the old school. To top that, I heard faint noises and cries of children and women as i walked around Cheuug Ek Genocidal Centre in Phnom Penh!!

We felt that the souvenirs we brought back wasn't sufficient and thoughts to hop on a tuk-tuk for only USD3 ride to the old Russian market is coming again...