Easter together 09

my husband and I
raining cats and dogs
winner of 2nd place

My husband,I and with another 40 guys travelled to Rantau in another state about 50km away to witness and play for a soccer tournament. It consists of 52 teams from all over the state competing for 1st prize of Rm3000.00, medals and jerseys.
Our team called Arsenal B won the 2nd placing after missing a goal in penalty.

Well, it was a time well spent on Easter..spirit of unity, cooperation, peace and winning as Jesus was once.

Birthdays in our land..

Dan Jr
Dan n Kate
Having fun
Ij ready to blow the candle..
IJ turning 2..
birthday cake and items prepared for the function
from left Peter,Destiny,IJ and us
Dan's ready to blow the candle

We begin to celebrate the birthday of father followed by daughter and the newborn.
It was something to be cherished and give God all the glory as he's the creator and keeper of peace and harmony.

Daniel blew his candle, then IJ blew hers and a new baby Dan Jr celebrated his birthday when delivered on 4th April 2009.

Resurrection Day

On 14/4/09, Christians remember the day Christ has risen from death. A day of joy and peace among mankind.

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