Heavenly 2008

The time of the year has come again.
The countdown ....

My heart and I will be traveling to Africa soonest.
Am dearly gonna miss my family and dear ones whom are close and cares for us.
Nevertheless, i have a somewhat mixed feeling as the journey will be very,very long and to a whole new continent, time zone and community.

Lets pray that the coming year will be fruitful and blessed in various ways and we want to see more smiles.

HAPPY 2008..

Paradise Wonders or Killing Plot

The sunset at Bakheng Hill, was once hindu Lord Siva temple

Each hand carved stones

the four faced at Bayon Temple

from left Jasmine, Susan, me and Kunes

The Lake Tonle Sap 'attap' houses

River Church

Girl rowing in a basin

Roots sprouted at the Temple

One of the beds used for torturing high ranking personnels in Tuol Seng

Orchids sold at the Old Market, Phnom Penh

Skulls dug and displayed in a monement erected at Cheung Ek Genocidal Centre

Royal palace at the Kingdom
Royal Palace

Statue of Lord Buddha resting under Ashoka tree

Can u see me?
Reflections of the old monastery

The four of us landed safely in Cambodia. My uni mates Susan, Kunes, Jasmine and myself were excited about this trip, because we are visiting one of the wonders of the world i.e. Angkor Wat in Siem Reap and the all so famous Pol Pot regime where more than 2 million children, women and men were ruthlessly murdered and dumped at 343 killing fields.

The tour started with visit to reknown ancient temples built circa. 11th Century by King Jayavarman 1 from India. The temples called Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Bayon, Leper King Temple depicts the Hindu civilization and Buddhists influences.

The boat ride along Tonle Sap was an eye-opener for us as we witnessed some of the living conditions of Khmer children and fishermen.

But, the most tragic happenings known to the world is the Khmer Rouge or Pol Pot regime from the year 1975-1979. Millions of human were cruelly killed and some buried alive in more than 300 mass graves by S21. The visit to Tuol Seng genocide museum gave a chill as some pictures and drawings of khmer men, children, women and foreigners were tortured and left to die at the old school. To top that, I heard faint noises and cries of children and women as i walked around Cheuug Ek Genocidal Centre in Phnom Penh!!

We felt that the souvenirs we brought back wasn't sufficient and thoughts to hop on a tuk-tuk for only USD3 ride to the old Russian market is coming again...

For the Angels

As my heart said, its 'ember seasons' now, which means people are in holiday mood. Well, the same for my nephews and son.

They were excited when i said 'lets go for sightseeing in town'. As 2007 happens to be a "Visit Malaysia Year", we grabbed the chance to try the 'Eye on Malaysia' and 'Aquaria KLCC'.
The aquarium is built underground at KLCC, which happens to be at the world's tallest twin tower. It showcases to public of various sharks,stingrays,sea creatures and we were lucky to catch the 'feeding time' for the fishes by the underwater divers.

The kids were satisfied and exhausted.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Otherwise Paradise

How could i have missed to mention this exciting trip..to the Kingdom of Thailand. Sawadee ka..
My heart and i flew by AirAsia for the first time. As known, its a no frills airline but comfy enough for short distance traveling. Why exiting..coz here we experienced live 'nude' shows. Yes, believe it or not, live and brave performance (not part of our tour). We sat aghast among other tourists, awed at every dance and acrobatic movements done by the girls and boys..and ... We also tried the 'underwater walking' at the Coral Island and the food was spicy. Thailand is famous for 'Tom Yam' and crunchy insects sold along roadside at nightfall. Afterwhich, we had a good time telling stories to our friends about the 'unknown'..

Paradise Below The Wind

Who is the warrior?
Kadazandusun Warrior Dance

At the Monsopiad Cultural Village

Flowers at the war memorial, Kundasang

Before Mount Kinabalu

After lunch and hot spring bath

Sabah Foundation building

My heart and i flew to Sabah also fondly called Land below the Wind. My childhood time dream came true as i booked the tickets to the land a month ago. Sabah bears the highest mountain in South East Asia called 'Mount Kinabalu', and we had the honour and priviledge to stand at the foothill as heavy fogs surrounded us in a nick of time.

Lush green mountains and strong wind blew our stressful thoughts away as we sipped the natural air in paradise...
We were truly perturbed with sweet memories and the humble community.
Am visiting the land again..

A lioness in Paradise

Esplanade Shopping Centre

Double decker bus

'Hanging Man' at Sentosa

Fort Siloso

Cannons at Siloso

Hope the subtle tune melts any stress lines...

I got a shuttle from Singapore at noon back to my homely plot...KL. My lovely heart said i have to leave today so he can finish what he was doing and be back here on Saturday.

Let me say about my shortest travel to Singapore. Only for 3 days. Hmmm..met my heart's humble buddies..at their African joint called CLF African Restaurant. Guys enjoying their egusi and semo and sipping mineral water. It's a common sight for me here in KL. My heart and I frequent a hearty food space called Paradise Cafe...what a coincidence....!!

In Singapore, moving via MRT is the 'thing' among commuters. I took the chance too, got a ticket to "Harbour Front", then off to "Sentosa". Visited the sweet Siloso. Returned late evening.
Met my heart, had dinner.

Next morning, good weather to walk around. Went to Takashimaya, Robinsons and when night fell, my heart held my hands and we strolled down Chinatown. Got some classy shoes, office wears for his sisters in Lagos.

Paradise Time

Sri Lanka ~ Paradise Excursion

Ayubowan.....This happened to be my first trip abroad by air. Hmmm..was i excited and had butterfly playing tunes in my stomach. My uni-mate Susan and i landed safely and were chauffered around historic and exotic places for 5 days.
We managed to capture memories and bought back various souvenirs and clothing materials. The five wonderful days were at Negombo, Candy, Sigiriya, Colombo and Pollanaruwa. Mostly, our tour was complete with a visit to the 5th century "The summer and winter palaces on a rock".
As this being our first visit abroad, we were max thrilled and vowed to take other trips in years to come.

Me, myself and....

Born in a blessed land called Malaysia 35 years ago to my sweet and diligent parents.
I first come to senses to know that my dad was a soldier and his better half a homemaker.
My dad married mom (originally from India) 3 years before i was born.

Well it took 3 good years before i popped into this world as my dad been posted to study cum work in UK and to several other places with camps. My mom being the new bride then was forced to labor at home front. Hmmm...anyhow, i grew up steady and most of the time being with neighborhood buddies in army camps. Though, at the tender age of 10, i am able to vividly capture certain good times. We played hide and seek, hula loops etc. But none i played with my good siblings as they were still very young.