Otherwise Paradise

How could i have missed to mention this exciting trip..to the Kingdom of Thailand. Sawadee ka..
My heart and i flew by AirAsia for the first time. As known, its a no frills airline but comfy enough for short distance traveling. Why exiting..coz here we experienced live 'nude' shows. Yes, believe it or not, live and brave performance (not part of our tour). We sat aghast among other tourists, awed at every dance and acrobatic movements done by the girls and boys..and ... We also tried the 'underwater walking' at the Coral Island and the food was spicy. Thailand is famous for 'Tom Yam' and crunchy insects sold along roadside at nightfall. Afterwhich, we had a good time telling stories to our friends about the 'unknown'..


Klara said...

Wow nice pix..
Must have been fun.


@klara: thank you my dear. yes we had fun and i believe u will too each day. be blessed!