A lioness in Paradise

Esplanade Shopping Centre

Double decker bus

'Hanging Man' at Sentosa

Fort Siloso

Cannons at Siloso

Hope the subtle tune melts any stress lines...

I got a shuttle from Singapore at noon back to my homely plot...KL. My lovely heart said i have to leave today so he can finish what he was doing and be back here on Saturday.

Let me say about my shortest travel to Singapore. Only for 3 days. Hmmm..met my heart's humble buddies..at their African joint called CLF African Restaurant. Guys enjoying their egusi and semo and sipping mineral water. It's a common sight for me here in KL. My heart and I frequent a hearty food space called Paradise Cafe...what a coincidence....!!

In Singapore, moving via MRT is the 'thing' among commuters. I took the chance too, got a ticket to "Harbour Front", then off to "Sentosa". Visited the sweet Siloso. Returned late evening.
Met my heart, had dinner.

Next morning, good weather to walk around. Went to Takashimaya, Robinsons and when night fell, my heart held my hands and we strolled down Chinatown. Got some classy shoes, office wears for his sisters in Lagos.

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