A Slice of Heaven

My husband insisted that I visit my favourite country i.e. New Zealand. He said I must fulfill my dreams before the New Year 2015. I quickly jumped at that thought and requested my brother to do the bookings for the trip. Expedia got me a flight from Singapore to Brisbane to Auckland, then return via Sydney to Singapore.
From the airport I was transferred to Kiwi International Backpackershere.

Singapore Changi Airport
Dear friend Nagora
Lunch @ Thai Restaurant
Tom yam Soup

Coffee before boarding at Ritazza

Morning flight at Brisbane Intl Airport

Arrival at Auckland Intl Airport

Kiwi Intl Hotel..originally a Baptist Bible College turned into a backpacker now

Economy single

Baptist Church close to the hotel

evening time

Morning time
Salvation Army
Sky Tower from a view

Girl in cat make up for SPCA

Auckland Harbour Front

Ferry Building

Auckland Maritime Museum

Viaduct Harbour

Rolling lift bridge

Jellicoe Street

my lunch..fish 'n' chips

Auckland Fish Market


skytower view

look on far right..skydiving

st patricks from the skytower

st patricks from the ground

St Patrick's Cathedral

maori girl


night walk


spotted a country flag

at parnell town

more selfies..
with a Cook Island gal

Auckland War Memorial Museum


 herb garden

 St Mary's Cathedral

 Holy Trinity Cathedral


 Mc D

As much as possible i tried to visit some interesting venues in Auckland before i head for the next best town. So, I planned with the local travel agent on a trip to Wellington. She was sweet to say I should not miss the towns along the way to the capital. Ms Phillippa Dean from Flexi Tours immediately arranged for transportation & accommodation to and fro Auckland. I was excited to try other backpackers lodging too.
The next morning i was picked by the tour guide. There was another 8 tourists along with me. The journey was beautiful. We stopped at a small town called Hobbitton for breakfast.Then headed straight to Rotorua. Before that, the guide took only me to the sheep's farm called Agrodome and drove the other 8 to Waitemo Caves to watch the glow worms!
The experience at the farm was fulfilling. I adored the cool breeze and sun at the farm.
After that all of us got together and watched Maori Cultural Show at a place called Te Puia. I bought some souvenirs and we had traditional Maori lunch called "Hangi". Yummy and tummy full :) .

 breakfast at Hobitton


 Te Puia

 my tour buddies
 Wharenui..meeting house

 Te Pohutu geyser


Rotorua town

 the Arts Village

 Government Gardens

 Lake Rotorua

 Maori kids

 St Faith Maori Church

natural boiling hot water

an angel sent by God..

my dinner snack

Rotorua Central Backpackers lodge

breakfast before I leave to Napier

 Lake Taupo

 Mary Sweeney..

while waiting for my next bus to Napier
 hailstorm rain

 Dear friend Jan & I



 Criterion Art Deco Backpackers
I missed my luggage on board the bus to Hastings and only recovered it the next day thanks to ISite Taupo, my friend Jan and I site Napier for their kindness and support! sigh!

 Hawke's Bay

Pania of the reef

 famous Masonic Hotel

 Napier, the Art Deco Town

 Clive Square

The harp shaped Centennial Carillon, located next to the main path in the north-west section of the garden, was a gift from Rothmans Ltd to commemorate the 1974 Centenary of the Borough of Napier. The Carillon plays a selection of tunes every half hour, from 11.30am until 2pm.

 Finally after few town stops I arrived in Wellington. It was a windy town. Loved the cool sea breeze.
I lodged in Downtown Backpackers a.k.a Hotel Waterloo. A cool & cosy lodge very close to Wellington Train Station.

 night walk

 John Plimmer

Te Aho a Maui

 Cuba Street..coolest street

 mexican food for dinner..wow it was yummy

 statue of Kate Mansfield

 spotted 'malaysian beef curry'

 2nd day breakfast

 Bee hive Parliament House

 The old St Paul's

 Lady Norwood Rose Gdn


Te Papa Muse

lunch at Crab Shack...yummy

fans for rugby match

wellington train station

Kiwi Rail

david n I

breakfast on board kiwi rail cafe



 Ms Philippa from Flexitours

 Breakfast at Kiwi

 Nagora's family

 Auckland Departure

 Sydney to Spore

 Sydney Airport

Back to KL...thank you GOD almighty for safe journey mercy!