Legally Wed

My heart and I were in white, but we were at the marriage registration office to witness a couple being wedded in accordance to the law of the land.
The couple being blessed by the parents of the bride and friends as well, after which we joined in a reception for celebration.

Paradise lies at the feet of Mother

A prophet once uttered the above words in the righteous sense to obey,care and love mothers.

Psalm 139:13
You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother's womb. (NLT)



This short poem was written a decade ago, whereby my mind and heart was searching for something,someone, somewhere..

Cascading water from the falls
Touching the clear white pebbles
Millions of pearls splashing on my face
And your kisses smooth as silk lace;

Never hope to miss you
Never cease to like you
My thoughts entangle with yours
In everlasting friendship of ours;

I'll hold your hands tightly
While your eyes dazzled wildly
Only our friendship can tell
That we know each other well;

All fingers are not the same..

Why there have to be a different in each individual?
Well, i believe the reason is to make a BETTER world.
Each moment,day,months,years and decades people
thrive hard to achieve and elevate to a another level.

Age are only numbers abi?

My day started of calmly. I went to church with my heart. We prayed and praised.
Towards mid- day, the sun was high but in the evening, all was pleasant again.
Thank you God.