A star was born in Paradise today!

We woke up early today, did our ablutions,prayed and cooked.
I prepared lamb curry with potatoes, coleslaw, kaseri(indian sweetmeat). Then, by mid-day, our sister Kate prepared couple of Philippines dishes and flan for dessert. After three in the afternoon, our brother prepared some African dishes.
We had some friends over and had a good time.
Gifts were exchanged and all of us were cheered for the day.

A blessed 'merry Christmas' to all!

Charity for Paradise!

mini carousel
hilton xmax train
volunteer team members
hilton mini train

children from homes
girls from karunai illam
before lunch
karunai illam performers
malaysia's elvis presley
boys from anbu illam
from malaysian assoc of blind
minister giveaways
some of the homes
blind guest
more entertainers
bharatha natyam
santa giveaways
clown among children
one of the homes

dragon dance
clown posing
opening ceremony!

The day started early for Shant,Thas, me and many other volunteers at an annual charitable event organised by Anbe Sivam group. It's called Gongxi Deeparayamas!
Orphanages and underpriviledged homes sent their representatives and children to participate a get together party at Hilton Hotel in PJ.
Its also the 5th year for the Hilton Christmas Train show to be held at the hotel with main sponsors from BMW and Siemens Malaysia.