NY here I come!

I checked into Saudi Airlines and had a seven-hour transit in Jeddah before embarking to JFK 1 in New York. After a 30-hour journey, finally, I was amongst hundreds snake-lining at the check-point in the US. For the first time, I saw Jews, Arabs, Koreans, Japanese and Africans and many other under a roof waiting patiently to be stamped-in by the Border Security Officers. It was the grace of God, mine was prompt and I breathed the cold windy NY air.
Immediately, I changed to the local air-time and boarded the train to Brooklyn, My air-bnb hostess Stephanie was kind enough to let me know the easiest way to my location at Church Avenue.
After an hour, she greeted me at the very cold windy junction and led me into a very warm apartment.  Her cat looked at me and stared. I was happy with my room and the whole place was warm and inviting.
I jumped onto the bed and dozed off!

The next day, rise and shine and was chilly indeed! Took the subway and went to the 42nd St-Times Square. Was hungry. Walked along many other tourists at NY's popular shopping spot. Managed to see and enter one of the tallest building once the Empire State Building. I was mesmerised with the beauty of the tall structure.

Visited the City Hall Park and across it the walk on the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. From this old bridge, I can view the Manhattan Bridge afar.
It was rather chilly and I still managed to visit the St Paul's Cathedral. It has a sombre feeling as I saw old tombstones on the lawn. After which I walked to see the Opulus and One Trade Centre (built after the 9/11 tragedy which replaced the World Trade Centre) which stood at 1776ft is the sixth tallest building in the world now.

Also visited Prospect Park which was very dry, but the ice-rink at the park where adults and children alike enjoyed their skating with loud music on made the park somehow lively on that weekend.

after a few days in NY, took a bus ride to the west to a town called Tulsa in Oklahoma State.Start of another adventure.