'I Love You' Day

Valentine's Day was celebrated worldwide and in various ways.

This year, it was celebrated by dining together with a word of prayer.
We were grateful because my mom prepared delicious carrot rice and mutton gravy.
As for me, i prepared salad and fried chicken.
We finished the meal with tangerine and soft drinks. And i reasoned that this year, we are not going to spend dearly but moderately and satisfactorily.
No exchange of gifts or flowers or even cards, just merely a family affair.

Till next year, have a a wonderful valentine.

Love in Paradise

For this special valentine's day, i would like to dedicate a poem i have written some years ago, for my heart.

A Century Old

Those thoughts of a century
that captures me deeply
where i'm feeling the warmth of your touch
which i've long for so much

One soul that i've searched
one hundred years ago
never leave me again
to see me wither in pain

Tender pink blossoms
sways as the wind touches
i'll never feel lonesome
as long as i'm in your clutches

Let us whisper the love notes
where sweet memories lingers in our
always being mine and nice
another hundred years but our
love never dies.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to my heart,mom,thasa,my family in all nations and the whole world.

My Fatherland

native dance
my siblings
bathing newborn
well in town
on xmas morning

national theatre
my cute nephew
common sight
beauty and i
village kitchen
posing threesome
this a huge vege
pork stall in village
native wear in village
enjoying fufu
oranges at yeniba
a common sign
to VI
common pit toilet in village
at MM airport
my beauty
while weaving
men and machine
at imafor
snail, a favourite food item
twins in village
village style
after plucking banga
open bath
beauty and me
periwinkle at the market

ready to church
my cute nephew
typical ice cream man
common among mothers
see hairstyles
see crayfish
common phone reloads
pounding pepper
fufu making
village church
fine girls
pure water
traditional marriage in city
overload in lagos
warning signs
too godly
street shop
MM Airport at night
see yam and beauty

Oh such long journey through time and space, approx 23 hours before we landed in MM Airport, Lagos. My heart's family were jumping high as we entered the compound. Beautiful smiles and laughters' surrounded us as we embraced and exchanged shakes.

The third day, i went through a 10 hours' journey to the village at the east by bus. My family took me around village and introduced me to my hearts beloved relatives.
I went to imafor market, church and football field to name a few in the village.

Fantastic meals were prepared i.e. african salad(abacha), fufu, egusi soup, banga soup, ikwobi, catfish pepper soup to name a few, and i enjoyed the village akara balls, mai mai, palmy, beans and plantain.
I was sad to leave the sweet people after celebrating xmas and new year in village.

I visited places around Lagos city like ikoyi, VI, apapa, festac,ajegunle etc.
Mostly, am missing my family who were the sweetest people
in my fatherland.


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