'I Love You' Day

Valentine's Day was celebrated worldwide and in various ways.

This year, it was celebrated by dining together with a word of prayer.
We were grateful because my mom prepared delicious carrot rice and mutton gravy.
As for me, i prepared salad and fried chicken.
We finished the meal with tangerine and soft drinks. And i reasoned that this year, we are not going to spend dearly but moderately and satisfactorily.
No exchange of gifts or flowers or even cards, just merely a family affair.

Till next year, have a a wonderful valentine.


Lylah said...

hi beautiful manja...after you cute comment on the flirty housewife aprons...i thought i'd pay you a visit....sweet worshipful blog here...

blessings to u....lylah


@lylah: Thank you for passing by. your blog is lovely and informative. remain blessed.