Heads or Tails

This week is about direction.
Am still gripping to my dreams of writing a popular book one day.
And i believe am heading on the right lane of my dreams.
Alas, am also hoping that the Almighty will direct me towards my dream.
They also say, He can't help, unless I help myself.

Wedding bells in Fatherland

It has been a week since my heart flew to fatherland. Well, he is the best man for his big bro's white wedding and i can imagine it will be a huge splash of celebration.
Anyway, the sad part is am missing my heart and my lovely family.
Am impatient to view the photos.
The truth is, I have to say..i love weddings..

In Paradise with IBU

Me with my favourite actor Mr John Okafor aka Mr Ibu in KL.

Ist Year Party

It was our house baby's birthday and we had a smashing birthday party. Family and friends join in to welcome IJ turning ONE.
Her mom prepared mee hoon fried, fried chicken, fruit salad, flan, popiah fried, stew and steamed rice and served along with drinks. Of course not forgetting the delicious cake.