New things in store for 2013!

It has been a year since i blogged. it's a disappointment on my part, which i realize, but struggling to catch up with burdens and trying to live a simple life again has indeed been reminiscing to my family and I. Made up my mind, am starting this year to blog n hop! I feel peace and joy in heart. Am alive.
On 31st December 12, overseer of my church revealed to us on words given by GOD. To be striving and living life full according to HIS ways and will only. Scripture given to us was :

Isaiah 43:19
We were all perturbed, GOD have said it and promised and I will uphold to the word and believe that after all this years, HE is going to do something new in my life.

Wishing all loved ones...A blessed 2013...


Lady Violet said...

I am thankful that you shared this scripture. It was a good one for me to hear right now.

Emily Wierenga said...

i love that you are blogging again. thank you so much for sharing this scripture at imperfect prose. bless you.

Holly said...

Welcome back and how exciting that your first post would be to link up at Imperfect Prose. We are glad you are here and look forward to hearing more from you this year.

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