Yangon Revisited


sis pushpa's home

post office

food stuffs sold in market
many types of dried prawns and fish
beans ready to eat

pickle shop
age old indian temple

lovely idly and tasty chutney,mixed veg pickle and dhall curry

sis pushpa and friend mable
sister pushpa and I at her home
GT,joe,I and emeka

cute korean girl and I

Asia Plaza Hotel
frying bananas

street food
Little flower@ pushpa lazar

parish father
enjoying mohinga

Immaculate Heart Cathedral

at the stadium for match
railway station at the back of stadium
my husband joe and peter onyi in yellow
joe having claypot seafood and steamed rice
hot prawn
claypot seafood

view from my hotel room

“I had only heard about you before,
but now I have seen you with my own eyes.”
Job 42:5
My flight was smooth. It was sheer pleasure to see my husband at the airport. We checked in at Asia Plaza Hotel at the city centre. It costs US40/ per night but it was worth it. The room was spacious for two and clean. The bath was nice and i loved the service too. On Sunday, I went to the nearest church near my hotel called the Immaculate Heart Cathedral. It was so serene. After service, i took the time to check out the church shop. I bought some cds and souvenirs. Then, i smelled something delicious. It was mohinga a traditional Burmese food and coffee. It costs only 300kyatts. It was done voluntarily to collect fund for women at the church. I met a lovely soul at the place. Her name is Little Flower@Shreya Pushpa Lazar.I fell in love with her friendly attitude and honest ways. She invited my husband and I to her house for dinner. We went and had a good time talking and exchanging views. It was sweet of her to get me 'yoghurt vadai' to take back to my hotel that night. I was full of praises for her that night and thanked God for showing me someone from my own origin and of same beliefs in a strange land. She invited me to join the morning mass at 6am the next morning. I was there late but enough to say my prayers and was again delighted to meet her. She took me for breakfast and around market streets to buy some stuffs for me to take back home. She also was so nice to prepare vege mohinga for me for lunch before we prayed and bade farewell. I left Yangon with a satisfied heart and Thanked GOD for showing me good people and new things.

I will miss my husband but believe not for long again.


jeyanthi said...

I love all your visits and it must be great and a relief to see Joe again :oD...

Such a friendly and warm person Pushpa u met there.

Good to have u back though...Love always.

mag said...

tq sis..yes t trips are rewarding in nature..thank God...u stay blessed too. take care and smile..

Deidra said...

Wonderful photos!

I'm curious about your visit. I'll send you an email later today...