Gifts from above...

God have blessed us since we are created in our mom's womb. I thank God each day for

1. my sweet parents are around this minute and God will continue to bless them.
2. my husband said 'i miss you so much and i love u'
3. my son is still grumbling that i should take him along for his shopping..he's 15..
4. i drove to town and came back home safely
5. i am having sandwiches for dinner,something light at blessed...


Anonymous said...

Your list is so sweet especially #2. You have to love when our significant other express their feelings simply like this.

Maria @ Linen & Verbena

MAG DURU said...

yes sis thank you for noticing it. God bless u too and one love.

jeyanthi said...

hi mag, yes family is everything and the small details are the ones that your list. Love always. tc.

Alice said...

some of the simple things are the things i am most thankful for.
my husband who loves me all the time, no matter what. for my children who are such blessings to me.
for my salvation - deliverance from evil - given to me from God's own hands.
i think i am going to enjoy reading your blog :) thanks for following mine. you are appreciated :)