MY KING is Alive

Beholding Glory

It was at bible study, while our Pastor was singing..Congratulations and celebration,Jesus has conquered and I am happy..for a good 20 minutes, i saw a vision like a tall thin man in clear and bright cream colored garment and same cream colored sash at the waist entering our church door. partially His face was hidden and his hair was shoulder length and light brown in color. I knew I have seen Him.
Thank you Father in Heaven for answering my prayers all the time and let your light guide me forever more. My Father have conquered and my time to cheer and be jubilant for He has shown Himself and opened my spiritual eyes too. I related this vision to my Pastor and my husband and Glory be to GOD in the Highest place ....

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Hello my sister..
Wow what a vision, I normally get it through my dreams.. it is a gift.
Thank you for stopping by I enjoy your visit, I haven't been feeling well or would have answered you sooner. Pray my strength in the Lord.

Hugz Lorie