LORD hear my prayers...

Lord Hear My Prayers

When I was beset with troubles in life
I have no one to turn to in this world
Though I know that someone in heaven watches
Waiting for me to open up my heart

Many times that I have wondered
Am I worthy to call upon Your name?
For great is Your love and mercy
And I am just Your lowly servant

You were there for me at all times
Shedding away the tears from my eyes
As I look in Your heavenly abode
Lord, You are so great to me!

I can not recall how many times I have failed You
Yet, You were there to hold me
Never have I felt that You've forsaken me
But gave me the strength to carry on

How much have I needed You in my life
In my prayers, Your compassion and love abounds
Still I am just Your child at all times
Needing Your guidance, my Father up above
You've provided everything I have dreamt of
More than what I have asked for
So much that I needed strength and wisdom
Not to fall from the wickedness of this world

You are the only one who really knows me
For in my prayers I feel Your presence
Comforting and touching my heart
Never have I felt so alone in my life

You're there with me in times of happiness
And in loneliness, You strengthen my soul
Guiding me in every moment of my life
As I journey in this world

When I stumbled, You've lifted me
With Your Holy Spirit that guides my way
To stray away from wickedness
Leading my path to righteousness

Lord, please hear my prayers
As I seek you now and always
I thank you Lord for all Your kindness
And acknowledge Your love and blessings everyday

By: Yollie M. Bunag

(C) Copyright Reserved

A heartfelt poem is what we need now to uplift our inner spirits and call unto the Lord God in Heavenly realms, besides our prayers for God to listen to our needs, be thankful and praiseworthy towards the Almighty God who's ever merciful in our lives!


heartfelt.prayers@gmail.com said...

Aloha Manja..
Thank you for coming over for a visit, and for your encouraging words and thoughts. I'm glad you found my site, I love meeting friends and fellow poets. I enjoyed your poem as well and will be back to read more. You have the gift of words keep sharing your heart I know the Lord is pleased!!!

MAG DURU said...

thanks for your inspiring comment. You are welcome. God bless you sister.