Higher Levels 2011

MICF, my main church located in Ipoh Road, KL have successfully organized its first christian retreat, since its existence 15 years ago for their interested members and non members from 8-10th July 2011. It was a wonderful and a relief from our daily city life experience in KL at the camp.

We drove to MBS (Malaysian Bible Seminary) Training and Recreation Centre located LOT 727 & 728, JALAN KUNDANG, 48040 KUANG.
The center had a huge swimming pool, indoor stadium, cycling, tracks ,huge dorms,bathrooms,library,chapel,conference rooms,gym,canteen,chalets,family rooms,cabins etc.
We settled to our dorms at 4pm. The small kids were enjoying their pool times and the adults joined in the excitement too till 6.45 when dinner was served.
At 8pm, all of us moved on to chapel to worship and praise HIM.
We adjourned to our rooms after 12am.

Next day, we completed our ablution and assembled for morning devotion at the chapel at 6.30am. We ate breakfast and were told to get prepared to aboard a bus to the soccer field for a match between our three branch churches i.e. Bethesda CC, Goshen CC and Reconciliation CC.
The day was sunny and my branch church, Goshen CC managed to win the Cup. Yippee and Hallelujah!

As all of us were exhausted from the cheering and photo shooting, we took rest of the evening to nap and some of us even jumped into the pool. Dinner was served at 7pm. After which, we marched to the chapel for evening prayers and worship.
Consequently, a visiting pastor from Uganda blessed our lives for the day. A few of our members were also baptised in water by our overseer Pastor Aloy in the pool.

On Sunday, all of us gathered at the chapel for morning worship and fellowships. Few performances were arranged by Pastor Michael via the teens and children in our churches . It graced and enlivened our insights and outlooks on our christian lives.
After preaching by the Pastors on the motives lined out to reach Higher Levels , praising and glorifying the body of Christ, we observed the holy communion. Then, we walked harmoniously to the canteen to have our lunch at 12pm. We prayed and said grace and packed our bags and left the camp retreat at 1pm.

I was totally blessed by the Holy Spirit and I can never forget the wonderful moments I spent with my Pastors, brothers,sisters and family. Thank You Jesus for this special retreat arranged for your children who trust and loves you.


jeyanthi said...

Looks like you had an enjoyable time...body, mind and spirit. God bless!

Toyin O. said...

Sounds like a great time; very nice pictures.

Shanda said...

How wonderful. There is nothing like meeting with our Christian family to worship, play ball and enjoy one another.

Shanda said...

How wonderful. There is nothing like meeting with our Christian family to worship, play ball and enjoy one another.

Mag Duru said...

yes true sister. it was a blessed union among the children of God.all praising God and having fun interacting in Higher Levels.