Grace of GOD

I felt a change. It is by the precious grace from GOD that am still breathing and living life. I love my family and friends. 
I lost my cousin sister, friends, relatives last year..young and old...whom i have known lifetime. 
They have left us, gone too soon, but GOD knows the best! He's the Creator, the ultimate Maker, of Heaven and Earth and I and you! what can even b so amazing?
none, we just need to embrace our life every single day with the unending possibilities of grace from GOD!

Thank you for keeping me and my loved ones safe and preserving us to do your work in any ways..we LOVE you GOD!



Sheila said...

Such an important reminder, Mag. Even in sorrow and suffering, He's in control and He knows His plans.

Hope and a future. Yes.

I found you through Deidra's community and I'm so glad I stopped in.

Karen said...

Lifting you up in prayer. It is hard to say good bye to ones we love.

victory said...

Thank God that there is nothing greater than the grace of Jesus! May God bless you and keep you,


Cynthia Stevenson said...

Just found you through the Sunday Community! Keeping you in my prayers. Losing loved-ones is difficult. But, we must trust in God, like you reminded us. He is the only One who can heal and soothe our hearts. Blessings!

caryjo said...

I'll be reading that Book in a couple weeks on my schedule. Always turning to the love of the Lord and loving Him back. The blessing of our lives.

Thank you.

Pamela said...

So thankful God knows best, and the most important thing to do is live for Him each day.