Life with Father

i love the movie and hoping you will too for family entertainment on a quiet sunday!

Saints and Scripture Sunday

New York, 1883. A Wall Street financier rules his large family of four sons like a meticulous bookkeeper. Yet lately he finds himself constantly bemused at how much of what happens is actually determined by his wife. His children are growing up, discovering girls and making money. When he inadvertently reveals he's never been baptized, everyone starts insisting he must be. His well controlled world feels out of control and it all starts to get a bit too much for him. Based on the very successful books of Clarence Day and the play the books inspired.


jeyanthi said...

Hey Mag, sounds and looks like a good movie. Haven't seen this one yet. Will watch.

Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

Thanks for sharing this with us! This looks like one that the whole family can enjoy!