Gods messages in many ways!

I have to come to believe that all things in our lives happens for some peculiar and spectacular reasons. And I also believe that spirit of God is moving superbly around and in us at all times, either when we are deeply in praying mode or even simply when we are walking around the block! That's how powerful our living God was yesterday,is today and always tomorrow. I thank the divine Holy Spirit because it has to a level changed my mindsets and heart to view and feel God's presence to whole new realm in my life.
One of the stages are am more inclined and sensitive to some situations around me and tend to choose or decide the right one with. It does sound a little selfish though, but that's how the direction am heading and feel!
I am coming to know the existence of a young preacher called Manasseh Jordan. Yes! More will be known of him and thank you Holy Spirit for the word!

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jeyanthi said...

sometimes God works in mysterious, yet miraculous ways...maybe it's just the way it is...