Yangon- Revisited

As my hubby is a footballer with a club in Yangon, i visited him during his 10 days break. It was the most sweetest moments that i can recall for now. Just clinging to him day and night..hmmm...not exactly but deep down my heart..thats how i felt and am happy for that feeling because as i left the airport on 15th..i clung to the memories instead.
My hubby was sweet cos he said i need to go somewhere nice for valentine, so he took me to Coffee Circles (CC), a trendy joint in mid-Yangon. Good music,cosy ambiance and loving the excellent servings.
So,our afternoon and night was at CC on that day. :)
Let me see..my hubby ate lamb shank and drank strawberry shake...i ate fried rice rolls,spaghetti veg and drank hot milk. then, at dinner , my hubby ate fish burger n fries and i ate fried rice rolls again with hot milk. the dessert was apple crumble tart and chocolate cashew cake...indeed a sweet val for me.

Happy Valentine to our loved ones around the world!


jolieqn73 said...

glorious food...reminds me of enid blyton's famous five books...

mag said...

yes does sound alike eh!