China 2010 Holidays

pose before departure

Intl airport

national museum

winter blooms
my husband and I
chinese couple
aqua stadium
cdc tower

opera house
wide screen

before Canton Tower

before Asian games mascot

Canton Tower


Tong tong hotel usher

at McD,guang xilu road

night dance routine

hotel notice

eafrican food

cCRH metro

inside train

classic baby tram

Bo'an Dist
Soup noodle, bean sprouts and seafood

Mini bike
Cab driver
GZ Intl Airport

Colourful Inn
filling station in SZ

It was a good landing at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport at 12.30am. the weather was so chilling though but we were excited of this particular trip. We entered a cab straight to Shenzen (SZ). The ride was smooth and we reached our hotel called Colourful Inn along Meilong Road after 2.5 hours.It costs about Renmimbi (RMB)350 with toll hikes. As it was on wee hours we immediately were ushered to our pre booked room, which cost Rmb148 via the net. The room was spacious and cosy. my husband was hungry and ordered food and received 2 packets of instant noodles from the caretaker of the place. The next day, we got a cab to the town and wanted to change some dollars to the local currencies(1US=6.65rmb). The weather was nice for a walk in town that afternoon in SZ. Unfortunately, it was a Saturday and most local banks doesn't operate their foreign exchange booths on weekends and we were advised to try the Bank of China instead. We managed to change the dollars and headed for late lunch at an eatery. It was 4pm and we felt hungry. I chose to eat soup noodles and my husband chose to eat only bean sprouts and seafood. He didn't favor the taste and opt to grab fried chicken at Kentucky Fried chicken(KFC) instead.I had Portuguese tarts for desert as takeaway from KFC too. We headed to our hotel after 7pm and voted to hit the bed early. The next morning, we had a meeting arranged at Futian, a huge town located about 20 minutes drive from our hotel on Sunday. After the meet up, we ate buffet lunch at Vienna Hotel. the food was fairly delicious. I ate fried rice with boiled egg,sweet potato yam,mushroom,tofu along with a cup of coffee. My husband also had a fried rice,chicken, sweet potato yam and a cup of coffee.
We bade goodbye to our friends and headed to our hotel. In the evening,we headed to town again and bought some things like children shoes,dresses and jeans from a night market. It was a good bargain and we enjoyed the night. We settled for a nice dinner at an eatery.
We decided to take a train to Guangzhou(GZ) via metro Guangshen CRH line.It costs rmb80 per person. the journey took about an hour and it was pretty comfortable and I enjoyed the views of some towns that we passed by like Shilong etc.
Once reaching GZ, we took a cab to place called Guang Xilu.Its a business zone for foreign traders on clothes,leather,makeup things,electronics and artificial jeweleries. The products are tailor made for some foreign markets and priced according to the factory rates.
We stayed at TongTong Hotel, which costs about rmb180 per night (inclusive of internet services). I was so hungry because i skipped my breakfast and lunch. I ate taiwanese food at a place called Blue&Sea, beside our hotel. My husband enjoyed a hearty meal at an African restaurant called Divine Africa Food!
The weather was getting more chilled in GZ. We had to buy some thick garments to keep warm. We enjoyed shopping for family and friends in places called Canaan Clothing Centre and Bole Trading Markets. the things were very reasonable and affordable in rates. After shopping for the day, we ate dinner and headed to our room.
Needless to say that GZ and SZ are neat and clean towns. Most of the people we associated with were also friendly and nice.The traffic was not too heavy as most are pedestrians and use bicycles as an easy mode of transportation. We also managed to send some goods we purchased as Christmas gifts via air cargo for a good price too.
Before we depart from China, I have decided to visit Canton Tower in GZ. It's the tallest tower in the world surpassing Toronto Tower in Canada. The opening ceremony of the tower was done in September 2010 in conjunction with the Asian Games in GZ and the ongoing Asian Para games now.
The flower decorations were magnificent and the climate was too cold. Nevertheless, we enjoyed snapping many shots and made some new friends also. We rushed back to the hotel and packed our bags to catch our flight back home.
Thank you, GZ.
It was a memorable journey for my husband and I before ending of 2010.

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