Lunch @ Chilli's

Jack mushroom chicken
Molten lava choc cake
fish n chips
Fajitas with spinach cheese
pina colada and choc shake
my dim and me
Little IJ
what are you thinking?
joe and peter posing

IJ and me

We were hungry like the to from BTSqr to Chili's in BSCtr Bangsar.
I ordered Frajitas with Spinach and Cheese and Pina Colada, my husband got himself Jack Mushroom chicken,chicken mushroom soup and coke, Onyi tried Fish n chips with lemonade and little IJ pointed for Molten Lava Choc cake with Choc shake. Also ordered Pepper mashed potato with gravy and black beans soup. Wow the table was full and so was our stomachs..yummy!

We headed straight home and spent rest of the day relaxing on my birthday 4/5...

Another new year, new hope, new dreams and more blessed happening in my life..thank you God!

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