Cool Cameron Highland!

My mom, thasa and me were heading to Cameron Highland (CH)by bus on 8th morning. The bus driver had a stop over at Bidor for 15 minutes and continued through the winding road till we reached Tanah Rata Bus Station or Freesia at noon.

We were approached by a friendly cab guy who drove us to Cameronian Inn nearby.
We checked in and were told of some house rules by Mr Ganesh, the caretaker.
Then after, Thasa was very hungry so we ate at a local Indian restaurant nearby the inn. The weather was gloomy and chill wind was blowing on our faces.
We enjoyed a hearty indian meal of rice, dhall curry, vegetables, egg sambal and fried chicken.

None of the hotels or inns in CH has air conditions. Even the walls at the inn were icy cold. To top that, the water was very cold too.
We walked around the inn and snapped some good shots.
After taking short naps, we decided to try the coffee and scones at the inn. It was marvelous. We also had mushroom soup with toasted bread and some delicious shortbreads for tea.

Around 9pm, we showered and walked again to a nearby restaurant to have dinner. This time, mom had capati, thasa had indian rice with fried chicken and i ate hot noodle soup.

We had a good night sleep till 7am. The three of us had idli with tasty chutney and dhall curry and roti canai with chicken curry.

The next day, we packed our bags and headed to a town called Brinchang by van. Brinchang was about 20 minutes drive from Tanah Rata town. Ali was our guide for the short 4 hourly trip which costs RM25 per person.

The trip consists of visiting Rose Garden, Strawberry Park, Boh Tea Plantation and Factory, Bee Farm, Local Market and Butterfly Farm.
We were lucky to finish the visits without much worrying of getting wet in CH rain.

Then, we bid Ali goodbye and checked in to Rainbow Hotel in Brinchang which costs RM90 per night per room.
We rested for a short while then walked down to the handicraft store nearby.

At 6pm, we walked to the Brinchang night market. It was a colourful and lovely experience as it wasn't like the night markets we see in KL.
The vendors were mostly selling huge vegetables like cabbages, brocolli, cauli flowers, beans, peppers, strawberrys, varieties of cactus and clothes depicting CH and strawberrys.

We bought back loads of strawberry,vegetables and snacks.
After which, we had dinner at a eaterie nearby.

We slept around 10 pm and woke up at 8am next day.
We walked around the hotel and had breakfast in a vegetarian restaurant.
About 11am we checked out. We managed to visit Big Red Strawberry Farm nearby Regency Hotel. The place was nice as we enjoyed the strawberry cake and strawberry fried ice cream.

Just after 2pm, we took the cab down to Tanah Rata to the bus station. An hour before boarding our bus to KL, we had our lunch in a indian restaurant.
It was very windy and cold.

We reached KL at 9pm.
It was a very sweet trip for the three of us to CH.

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