Love in Osaka!

at Toyoko Inn
Osaka jo

Osaka Castle bridge
British Pub
story telling machine at Osaka jo
time capsule will be opened in year 6026.
Kansai International Airport
Bridge view
Traditional costume

Yodobashi camera
Common sights

ad man
umeda subway
row of vending machines


cigarette machine
food display
winter blooms

raw food on display outside a restaurant
jewellery shop
24/7 joint

hep 5
Umeda Sky Bldg
ladies coach

raw meal
auto toilet

typical jap food stall

sakura blossoms
Osaka jo


My heart and i left KLIA to Kansai International Airport, Osaka on 21/2/09.
As we landed, the cold air of 5 degree Celcius touched us bitterly. Immediately, i loved the weather. We had a good time exploring some places in Osaka.
We managed to visit 'Kuchu Teien Tenbodai' or The Floating Garden Observatory in Shin Umeda City.
After that, we also took the subway trains from JR Osaka subway to Osakajoen station. We walked for 5 minutes reaching the reknown Osaka Castle. The castle was lived by Hideyoshi Toyotomi and clans from year 1580. It boasts 1250 plum trees and 4500 cherry trees around the castle.
We also took the chance to walk around the town in Nanba zone, Hep Five, Ings,Yodobashi Camera etc.
We vowed to attempt another visit to Japan!

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Anonymous said...

Hello ~

I have also visited Japan! We went to the Tokyo area in 1992. I loved my visit there!

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! You always brighten up my day with your kind words!